My work is primarily about healing, space making, complexity and the sense making that accompanies it. 

At the same time my interests in chemistry, entanglements, relationships, and reactions to emotions&politics guide my work and its process. I am interested in the structure and transformation of matter, how we decide what matters, and how we intra-act with matter.

Questions I am asking through hybrid forms of writing, painting, music making, and organizing within the sciences include, but are not limited to,

  • How do we create space to view and contemplate the reactions taking place inside&around of us (chemically, emotionally, politically)?

  • How can we make spaces to enter into, experiment with, and understand complex entanglements and intersections that can seem so complex and inaccessible?

  • Who decides what and who matters?

  • What questions are asked when investigating matter, especially in the case of bodies?

  • What is the relationship between chemical and political reactions? 

  • What are the alternatives to matter? 

  • What is the relationship between matter and emptiness? 

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