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The things I make revolve around three pillars: healing, play, and communication. 

My experience as a biochemist, molecular biologist, educator, and organizer have led me to focus on relationships; the similarities in emotional, political, and chemical reactions, and the materials I work with.

I strive to be vulnerable, intimate, and publicly-in-process through my paintings, drawings, and music.

Questions I am asking include, but are not exclusive to,

• How do we play, improvise, experience pleasure, and be vulnerable in the face of systemic fear and oppression?

• How do we make space to support one another in efforts to heal and remediate ourselves and our toxic cultures?

• How can art make soft spaces to think, talk about, and deal with hard things?

• How can the culture of science and art shift to be more critically reflective, caring, and compassionate?

• How can the mass production of pigments, paints, and other artists' materials be more sustainable by using the tenants of green chemistry and social responsibility?

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